Don’t just think of yourself. “Go to school hard” until seeing how the “plastic wrap” of this group of Vietnamese children ..

Believe that many People would probably have heard the story of traveling to school in the age of our grandparents. Which is full of many difficulties

Such as having to wade through mud or travel as far as ten Kilometers to go to school

But how difficult It may not be as difficult as the Vietnamese students that we will bring to watch today. Because they have to “Wrap yourself in a plastic bag” to float across the river to school …

Huoi Ha village in northern Vietnam Considered a village that is far from the education area Normally children in the village have to walk to schools that are over 20 kilometers on a regular basis.

And every time traveling to or from school Must always pass the Nam Chim River, which is even 20 meters wide, but can create a little difficulty

Which normally children Will use a wooden bridge to walk across But in the rainy season or the flood season June to October The water will come up until the bridge cannot be used.

Parents of all students have no choice. Must let the children wrap themselves “Giant plastic bag” before parents Or if the parent does not swim hard Had to hire someone to take over the rapids river, almost 20 meters wide

After crossing the coast to the point of chaos It still doesn’t end there.

Children still have to walk more than 15 kilometers to go to their school.

Earlier, Huoi Ha villagers wrote a petition for the province to build bridges and good transportation. To them But not a response from the province

“We have warned them that crossing the river by putting children in plastic bags is very risky. But the water level is high enough to blow the raft used across the land to break down So they have no choice, “said Vang A Po, Na Sang district chairman.

Which they hope in the future There will be a more convenient travel route and children can go to study without tuition.

The size of traveling to school is very difficult. They still have to risk their lives to study together.

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