Chhay Broy: the once stupendous cascade in desperate need of a recovery

The once stupendous Chhay Broy cascade used to be among Pursat territory’s biggest and most profound falls at 50m high and 20m wide, pulling in sightseers with its delightful woods scene, enormous pool and inexhaustible natural life.

Be that as it may, this changed when a Chinese-supported 120-megawatt hydroelectric power dam was worked in 2010, as the water stream encouraging Chhay Broy essentially impeded because of the Stung Atai hydroelectric dam sitting upstream.

Neighborhood occupant Seng Meng Kry, whose home close to the cascade goes about as a pitstop for voyagers to unwind and take refreshment before proceeding onward to Koh Kong’s commonplace capital or the Cardamom Mountains’ Osoam people group, revealed to The Post that the constant flow of travelers getting a charge out of beforehand solid and fiery cascade had started to evaporate.

Meng Kry said the dam decreases the water supply as well as presents different threats.

“In blustery season, there is a lot of streaming water, yet this is additionally hazardous as we don’t have the foggiest idea when the dam will open its doors and flood us downstream. Voyagers proceed to visit and wash in the waters. In any case, most trying for us is that the dam opening could guarantee lives at whenever [by washing individuals away].”

“Truth be told, an outside visitor nearly lost his life while washing in the stream. The dimension of water climbed quickly and removed him. A couple of hours after the fact we saw him riding a motodop and we said that God had helped him,” he said.

Sin Thea, commonplace the travel industry office appointee head, revealed to The Post that Chhay Broy remains an enormous, profound cascade that consistently draws in numerous voyagers. He included that his area of expertise had conversed with the Chinese organization working the dam educating them to illuminate those downstream before opening its conduits.

“Presently the organization dependably discloses to us when the dam’s entryways will open. In any case, it happens for the most part amid stormy season,” Meng Kry affirmed.

Chhay Broy cascade is situated in Pursat territory’s Chhay Louk town, in Veal Veng region’s O’Som collective.

From the intersection on National Road 48 between Koh Kong and Osoam, voyagers should utilize a rough terrain truck or get as street conditions are not generally excellent.

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