Vattanac Capital Tower: Volvos entrance in to the Kingdom

Settled by the high flying famous landmark, the Vattanac Capital Tower and confronting one of the busiest streets in the Kingdom, Volvo’s decision to put their best in class showroom in this position is demonstration of the potential estimation of the market in the Kingdom. HGB Group are bosses of seeing open door in the market and fill in as the sole shipper of Volvo autos in Cambodia.

Additionally obvious when entering the showroom is the extravagance market position that Volvo wishes to keep involving given that they have saved no cost.

he showroom isn’t just cutting edge however it is exceptional in Cambodia. Spread more than two stories, visiting the showroom isn’t only a shopping trip it truly is an encounter. Clients are urged to invest energy in the custom constructed, cooled, rich and roomy encompasses.

They can walk 360 degrees around every vehicle and expert staff will assist them with discovering every one of the highlights the Volvo range brings to the table.

The Post visited the Volvo showroom to meet Serdar Sengul, general supervisor at Volvo Cambodia, and Oliver Cahalan, HGB Group advertising chief, to discuss the new showroom and Volvos venture in to Cambodia.

Strolling in to the quiet of the showroom from the hurrying around outside, Cahalan clarified, “We include an essential idea inside the showroom. We have the showroom floor or ‘the road’, and after that we have our ‘lounge room’ territory”.

“The road is the place we put the autos” clarified Sengul, he went on, “the lounge room is inviting and agreeable, with warm lighting and plants, the Scandinavian enlivened structure is to make the zone warm and welcoming”.

Inside the structure, moving between the two spaces is consistent. When entering ‘the road’ area of the showroom, clients are welcomed by a brilliant and vaporous showroom floor, a few wonderful models of vehicle are available on the floor, there are swatches of different textures and cowhides that are accessible for insides of Volvo vehicles, there are additionally an assortment of wheels to browse.

This is the vehicle side of things, yet Volvo tries to carry an encounter to their clients, not only a vehicle.

When entering the ‘parlor’, visitors to the showroom will be offered tea or espresso in the showroom bar zone. Connecting with clients in simple, agreeable encompasses is a urgent piece of the idea for the group at Volvo Cambodia and HGB. Sengul says, “everything here is centered around the client, we need the client to feel great and at home”.

A standout amongst the most modern components of the Volvo showroom is the Virtual Reality (VR) experience that enables clients to encounter vehicles in various hues and various insides without focusing on them too soon.

This removes the mystery from envisioning what the vehicle will resemble. It enables the client to encounter new takes a gander at the snap of a catch. The Post set aside some effort to utilize the framework and was completely inspired with the innovation and the capacity clients will presently have.

Inside their new showroom Volvo likewise houses their after deals administration carport, one of the primary carports in Cambodia to accompany cooling and also “foundation savvy we are the main carport that is prepared for cross breed vehicles when they arrive”, said Sengul.

Upstairs there are workplaces for staff as of now working at the showroom, yet there is additionally a lot of work area space for new representatives or visiting representatives from abroad,

Sengul clarified that Volvo is “prepared for extension, we have the space when we need it.”

Volvo Cambodia is as of now on track to coordinate the local benchmark with the XC90 SUV model selling out in the primary week it was accessible.

This shows Cambodian drivers still harbor an inclination for enormous autos, the XC90 is the greatest vehicle in the Volvo run. Volvo is anticipating another shipment of the XC90 model that will arrive without further ado.

Deals are solid over their range in any case, and Volvo anticipates that request should develop as Cambodian clients perceive the novel incentive that owning a Volvo speaks to.

Different models of Volvo that clients will discover at the showroom are the two SUV choices the XC40 and XC60, just as their extravagance and lively car, the S90.

These are extravagance vehicles and all things considered Volvo have built and planned them with productivity, style and polish as a main priority. Volvo has never strayed from their foundations however. Volvos remain the most secure vehicles on the planet, however at this point they are likewise exquisite, lively, sharp, and extravagant for sure.

For your opportunity to encounter the Volvo showroom and view Volvos most current vehicles, head down to the finish of Street 102, on the corner with Monivong Boulevard amid business hours.

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